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I have Windows 7 installed on my computer and I downloaded Windows Live Mail to work with it and for several days it worked perfectly.But now when I try to get into Windows Live Mail to check my email I can't and I keep getting a message saying that the application has failed because its side by side configuration is incorrect and to see the application event log for more detail which I did and that did me no good.Can someone please tell me what to do to solve this problem?! It is driving me crazy! I did disk cleanup and that didn't do any good and I uninstalled all of Windows Live Mail and then reinstalled it and stiil nothing!Please I need help!
I still have the orignal Windows Mail application running.Could this be the problem?But if I delete Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail still doesn't work then I'm really screwed and won't have any access to my email at all!
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  1. Can you open Windows mail and export your personal files to a created folder? Once you have done that then uninstall Windows live mail and reinstall and import your personal contacts back into live. Mozilla Thunderbird is free and simple yet effective email program. try installing and running this and import your personal folders into it. Is your firewall or AV blocking the program?
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