Best mobo for overclocking Q6600

Hi everyone, I have a Fatal1ty I-N9 Sli motherboard at the minute and I'm basically stuck around 2.7Ghz

Basically, whats the best Q6600 motherboard for overclocking <£200

here are my current specs to get an idea,
Q6600 @ 2.5Ghz stable
Ballistix Tracer 8500 DDR2 5-5-5-15 - Sync Mode
Fatal1ty IN-9 Sli
Artic Freezer Pro 7
2x8800GT Sli
Corsair 520W
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  1. Assuming you're keeping the SLI.

    If so your next best bet is the 780i or 790i chipsets
  2. I've had a good look about now and instead of going for a 780i I'm looking at a 680i Sli Asus Striker Extreme which appears to be overclocking higher than the 780i boards I've seen in reviews, any comments?
  3. all i know is that the 680i is old news and old tech. I would only go with the newer boards
  4. I remember cnum saying something about the connection to the chipset is only PCI x 16 lanes or something on the 780 so it isn't really worth it.

    Edit: Well, it isn't worth it if you already have an 680.
  5. 680i boards have gone through many many revisions to get to their relative stability now...

    I've had my ear to the ground for a while on this and the 780i boards seem to be a bit buggy right now...though I'm sure they'll get it right eventually

    My BFG board has been nothing but great (check sig), however the 780i boards are rumored to have support for the new line of intel cpus and have a 3 full 16x pcie slots.....680i has 2 16x and one 8x (doesn't matter to me...the only triple sli cards available are I believe the Ultras and the GTXs

    my guess is it will take 6 months before the 780i boards get the kinks worked out (note to nVidia...we are not your lab animals)

    any specific questions about 680i you have?
  6. Well, you are not going to get much above 3.0 GHz with an ACF7P.

    I couldn't push a G0 Q6600 past 3.0 GHz using an eVGA 680i (it ran at 3.6 GHz with an E6600).

    The Q6600 runs at 3.6 GHz in a GA-P35-DS3P.
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