New DVD Writer Problem

This is the problem I am facing:

Mine is a LG DVD Writer.

Please help in solving it.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If the drive is empty, i don't see a problem..
  2. Put a disk in?
    Mine looks like that with no disk also.
    You need to be clear on the problem, not show a pic and say fix it.
  3. Thanks for the response doormatderek.

    This image is of a LG CD/DVD Writer.

    I think the file system should have been unknown or NTFS, not raw and type should have been DVD Drive.

    Whenever I insert a DVD inside it doesn't recognize it as a DVD.

    I always get this message:

    F:\ drive is not accessible.

    Incorrect function.
  4. XP or Vista?
    You might need a driver.
    Load up a free trial of Cyberlink or other DvD decoder.
    XP doesnt have DvD support built in out of box.
  5. Mine is a XP.

    I always use a free version, whichever I get from (mostly 30 days) to write DVDs.

    I might have the CD (misplaced?) still which I got when I purchased this DVD Writer.

    I will load the driver again.

    Thanks again for the responses.
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