How do I update Drivers For my GeForce Card?

Hi! I've just purchased the 8600GT from XFX.

I've read a lot about driver updates on the NVidia website, all the drivers named like 163.. and 169. something and so on.

I got lost planet extreme condition free with the GPU. It says on the case "This game runs best on drivers 162.18 Contact XFXForce for details"

Will downloading new drivers screw something up in my computer or cause any compatibility problems?i.e. Is it safe? And is there any benefit to my computer in this case? If the answer is yes to both, Can you please tell me how to go about it?

This is the first GPU I've ever purchased. So ignore my ignorance. Thanks!
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  1. Very simple. You just need to go to nVidia's website and click on download the drivers.

    Here's the link to get you started.
  2. What kind of video card did you have before? That is, if you already have nVidia drivers or ATI drivers installed you must uninstall them (Control Panel, Add/Remove programs), reboot, then install the new drivers by running the .exe you have downloaded.
  3. Especially for Lost Planet game, you have to instal 162.18 driver to be able to play. Except from 162.18 driver, you'll have the game crash or freeze. The first time I played Lost Planet, I also got that issue, after reinstalling the driver version back to 162.18, everything's fine.
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