Acer Laptop Cannot install Operating System

So I have tried EVERYTHING to get an operating system onto my Acer 3610 laptop. It has a brand new IDE Hard Drive, brand new RAM chips.

I have tried to load XP by using the standard install disc. I have tried to pre-load the i386 folder onto the HD and run through DOS. I have tried to install DOS 7.1. I have tried to install XP using a Win98 Boot Disc. I have tried to install using Hiren's Boot CD.

Every time I try there is an unknown issue. When directly booting from XP cd gives a "LINE 1026 txtsetup.sif error." DOS 7.1 has a "CPU Error - Incorrect OPCODE." I have tried using another laptop to start the XP install process, then move the hard drive back to the Acer when XP setup reaches the "Remove DISC and restart computer" portion.

I cannot seem to figure out what the issue is. I have seen posts saying several of these are hardware issues, although every removable piece of hardware is either replaced or have been reset on the laptop.

Does anyone have any ideas to what could possibly be the issue?
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  1. Hi,

    Have you tried running memtest with a floppy? Is the CD scratched? You may want to return the disc and get a new one. Please use this as a reference:;en-us;310064

    Good luck.
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