Regarding DVD-RAM in DELL Vostro laptop

I have a Dell Vostro1310 and till a few days back my DVD-RAM was working fine.
Last week it stopped reading DVDs and CDs. But when I rectified the problem, the DVDs can be read but I do not get an option of 'Open with' for playing the DVDs/CDs anymore.
What could be the possible reason and solution to this problem?
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  1. Are you talking about the Autoplay feature?

    not sure which Windows you have

    Enabling AutoPlay in Windows XP

    Enable through Windows Explorer

    Open My Computer or Explorer
    Right-click the CD-ROM drive or other drive and click Properties.
    Click the AutoPlay tab. Within this section you will be able to specify all Windows AutoPlay features.

    in Windows 7 and I think Vista you can access the Autoplay features in the control panel
  2. There are some restrictions in using RAM. Both slots could use same or different RAM units. Dealers in RAM units could suggest the best combination which can be used as per the specific details about the system in use.
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