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Hi guys,

So, I've been into graphic design, and lately, learning about web design. I understand that CMS helps to update a site constantly or at least, in an automated way.

But... what if I do custom websites? I've heard you can definitely 'merge' or 'code' a .PSD into a CMS like Drupal, WP, or Joomla. Is it worth it? I'm not that backend-coding savvy, but I can read and understand til an extent. I guess I'm looking for some advise in here and perhaps to learn some best practices if you will, about how to ease things when it comes to update content for a custom site.

If you're building a custom website that's expected to be updated constantly with pictures and articles,

Is it better to integrate a CMS to it? (or, should I say, to integrate the site to a CMS?)

If for instance, blogging, am I better by doing a new page (starting with the same thing, naturally), or modifying the same one with new content? and if, doing this is recommended, I've thought about a possible scenario: the latest article or picture is bigger than the former one for a specific page... and u already have a neat, custom frame around it or a div, would I have to go all the way to the CSS or jQuery to adjust height/width values so it works fine with the next page?

or let's say I want to do an Archive section.... will I have to migrate pages to it like,, for older content? what if I want to show for instance, an article or content teaser and below it, another article/teaser? how would I do next week for doing a content teaser for a newer article and moving the former to the article below?

do CMSs do all of this for you? :S do I make obvious I am pretty n00b to content management? xD

Anyway, any recommendations and suggestions will be more than appreciated. Thank you much for your time :)
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    I have built easy to update sites for years using server side includes (SSI). For example, I create my page template, then I partition it into the portions that will be identical on each page. I then break out the header code, navigation code, footer code, etc, into separate files and then use SSI to include them.
  2. Thanks for the info PhilFrisbie! Sorry for my late reply, I've been basically living in my office and I can't do progress on my side project from there.

    I just read a bit of info about it, and it sounds pretty neat for modifying content. Does it let you also add new content and archive older blog-wise?
  3. SSI is simply a tool that aids in consistency and ease of site-wide updates.
  4. Aight will get deeper into it.

    Thanks man, u always have an answer for my questions! :)
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