Single or Dual Core?

I was looking for a very cheap system upgrade and bought a socket 755 motherboard with the hope to throw in a cheap dual core intel. I was looking at a Core Duo 1.6 E2140 but the local store was out of stock and suggested I purchase a Celeron 430 1.8Ghz as they stated this was also dual core.

Was I mis-sold a single core processor and should return the product? Alternatively will this celeron match the expected performance of the core duo I was looking for?

Thank you for your help, I wouldn't like to think I was conned.
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  1. You were conned by the store in all aspects. The e21XX series is a dual-core and faster than a Celeron.
  2. Celeron 430 is based on the core2 duo architecture, but is a single core version with less cache. I would return the cpu, and order a 21xx online at newegg. Get the retail boxed version of the cpu for the 3 year warranty. It costs just a few dollars more. Then you can deal with Intel if you need a warranty claim. I sent in a p4 awhile back, and it took just 6 days to get a replacement from Intel.
  3. You were scammed.
    Demand they ask it returned w/o a restocking fee.

    Then never do business at that store again and warn your friends.
  4. This business might be pushing that Celeron 430 on you b/c they know that in just a few months Intel will drop single core altogether and make Celeron dual core as well. Gotta push out that old stock before it's worthless, you know. Not nice on their part at all. Definitely return it if you were expecting dual core.
  5. Or it could have been a kid who doesn't know that core2 doesn't mean dual core. Why are you buying from a store anyway? You can get them at a huge discount online.
  6. wow you got gypt bad they even gave you a mobile celeron man....

    I'd go back there demand my money back and once said money was in hand I would tell them to Fack off and boycott that store and tell everyone you know to do the same... just a horrible practice that a rep would even do that.... sad it's not even a dual core wtf.... man if I'm this upset I can only imagine how you feel
  7. MAN I still can't get over this.... once you get your money back spit in that guys face for me will you?
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