OC q6600 on air with 4Gb DDR3 memory

Ok Im fairly new to overclocking and this is my first time posting on this forum so please be nice :)

Ok Im running Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit, I have a Q6600 processor, 4Gb of DDR3 RAM (its OCZ reaper x hpc), Im using ASUS maximus extreme motherboard with the latest bios and Im using air cooling with the Zalman CNPS9700 fan. I have tweaked the memory a little but everything else is as standard.

Ideally I want to get around 3.0 - 3.2Ghz out of my processor and want to try n get the best out of my memory as well. I have tried various settings and some work fine, but are only small steps.

Any ideas on how to get the best out of my processor and memory?
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  1. Here's my take

    try an 8x multi...

    for 8x400 for 3.2ghz

    your FSB will end up as 1600mhz (totally fine)

    then just OC your RAM to 1600mhz with as tight a timings as is stable

    RAM 1:1 @ 1600mhz and your CPU is double that....

    really nice IMHO

    noticed you were new to OC if any of that sounds like gibberish...just ask
  2. yeah I am new and some stuff I dont really know much about, but I understood that. I just dont seem to have much luck getting it to run stable, even after following what people have told me. I will try these settings and tweak a little more. Any more ideas much welcomed :)
  3. wat wud be a good voltage for cpu n ram?
  4. Anyone know how to edit posts on ere lol. Ok tried those settings above and loads of others and I only managed to get 1 too work but the temp shot up through the roof. Tried lowering the voltage but then it became unstable. I keep getting your overclocking attempt was unsuccesful when I boot. Can someone please help???
  5. Follow the guide here. Each system is different, so your settings will not be the same as others
  6. for a start....I would try the following voltages

    1.45v CPU for B3 revision chip or 1.4v CPU for G0 revision chip
    (work your way down to whatever voltage from there according to stability)
    1.4-1.5v for the Northbridge
    and 2.1v for the Memory

    I would also encourage setting up your ram timings manually so see what is recommended for your dimms.
  7. ok will do thanx :)
  8. Ok managed to get some of the preset settings running smoothly now. Anymore ideas?

    Accorrding to CPUZ Multi is 6, bus speed is 326Mhz and rated FSB seems to be 1304Mhz. Core voltage is around 1.368v
  9. DRAM frequency is 543.3Mhz, FSB:DRAM is 3:5, CL: 6.0 clocks, tRCD is 5 clocks, tRP is 5 clocks, tRAS is 20 clocks. Command rate is 2T.
  10. Looks like Speedstep is enabled, which is all good if your system is stable.

    If you're happy with those settings, it's all good.
  11. I would see if you can disable Intel speedstep in your Bios, that should make your overclock more reliably overall...
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