Problem converting avi videos to DVDs

I have some avi videos I wish to convert to DVD and burn. I used to use this program called ********* AVI to DVD which would convert the avi file and then automatically burn it to a dvd. However after a reinstall of my OS and reinstalling the program i tried loading an avi file and I get this error:

"Avi2Mpeg Main has encountered an error and needs to close."

I've tried reinstalling the program and making sure I have all the codecs needed but still no luck. Any help? I'll also take any suggestions if someone has a better way to convert avi files and burn them.
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  1. I use a product named ConvertXtoDVD, which has always worked great for me.

    As to why your previously good working program is now erroring out, my thought would be to make sure that your video card driver is the latest version from the card manufacturer (if an add-on card) or the motherboard manufacturer (if video is built-in). If you happened to use the Microsoft Update supplied driver during your reinstall, I find that drivers from Microsoft Update do not work well. Also, check to see if there is a firmware update for your burner.

  2. have you installed codecs after reinstalling your OS

    convertvtodvd is good one. try it after installing codec pack,,
    nero also has dvd creator,, check it..
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