HI,I have MB asus M2n sli delux and new processor AMD am2 6000+.Vista and all programs doset detect the procesor like am2 6000+ like my old procesor 5000+.It,s detect only AMD 3000 ghz procesor unknow model.What is the problem?My english is not good but i hope any one understud me...Thank you:)
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  1. If it shows up as a dual core 3GHz chip, I wouldn't worry about it. I'm guessing you need a bios update for the name to show up, but if it has all the correct stats for your chip, who cares.
  2. If windows detects it properly, then I would run cpu-z, a free download. It will tell you what speed the cpu is running at. It may be slower due to cool and quiet, amd's energy saving software. You can disable it in the motherboard bios, but I would run with it. It will automatically increase the cpu speed as needed. If your board posts with "unknown cpu", then you may need a bios flash to get it to recognize the cpu properly. Check the asus website for bios updates and check the bios version at the top of the screen when you system posts. If you already have the latest version, no point in flashing the bios. If done wrong, your board will go dead, and require a new bios chip. If the cpu is running at the correct speed in windows, you won't even need to flash it. Not worth the risk of a dead board.
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