AMD Phenom 9600 Black overclocking help!

I have AMD Phenom 9600 Black and I can't get my CPU past 2.4GHz. I have an 8800 Ultra Video card and a 600 Watt Power Supply. I can run 3Dmark06 with no problem and even AMD OverDrive's stibility tests. I want to know what Voltages I need to get this thing to boot past 2.4GHz. Like HT voltages and NB and SB voltages. And can the power supply be limiting my overclock. At 2.4GHz it'll run for a few hours and crash saying clock interval not seen on secondary CPU. so is a 600 Roswill PSU good enough?
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  1. Rosewill PSUs are not very good quality so a 600W would really be like 500W, which is probably enough for your ultra.

    Anyways, Phenom isn't a good OCer, including the Black Edition.

    It might take a lot of voltage to get to 2.4GHz, and many people are experiencing this.
  2. I should say I can get my Phenom boot at 2.5GHz and get to the welcome screen. But after loading my settings is when I get the BSOD. it's not instant. So I think it's either my PSU or my ram. Which PSU would you recomend? And I did get my Phenom at 2.5GHz at AOD for a bit. look.

    I understand to get Phenom at 3.0GHz you need a Vcore of 1.5v
  3. You're core voltage is too low, meaning likely that the nb/imc voltage is too low as well. Granted if you're running below 2.0ghz nb/IMC then you won't need to worry much. Mine was running stable 2.0ghz nb/imc at 1.1vid/1.09v actual.

    If you want to OC without as much risk of Bsod then you'll need to change volts and multi through the bios. AOD with any version less than 2.10 doesn't support Phenom BE properly, and anything 2.10 and after is AMD chipset only so far.

    For 2.5ghz you should be able to have the voltage at 1.250vid/1.23~24 actual, note this depends on how good of a cooler you have. I am currently running 2.6ghz-2.7ghz core speed at 1.2625v Vid/1.248v actual, with good stability other than problems caused by a crappy raidmax PSU, which you can see when you look at the 12v voltage in the screeny.

    You're running at below stock volts right now, which is why you're unstable.

  4. and this works on a 600 watt PSU?
  5. what is your Ram timings. I set the VID to 1.2750 and I still get BSOD. I'm thinking it is my PSU that is out of juice. Like I stated I have an 8800 Ultra and a AMD Phenom 9600 Black. Right there is about 450 watts of power. CPU cooler.
  6. blackpanther26 said:
    and this works on a 600 watt PSU?

    According to the Tom's hardware's review, the Phenom took 150W at 2.7GHz. I'm not sure if your PSU can handle that, but it doesn't hurt too much to see. If you experience any instabilities in intense load or gaming, it's probably your PSU.
  7. blackpanther26 said:
    and this works on a 600 watt PSU?

    Well, it's working on my crappy 700w raidmax with a weak 12v rail, which is what the cpu and vid card, and pretty much any drive or none slot based peripheral or fans run off of. I could probably pull this off pretty easily even at 2.7ghz on same core voltage with a good 550w or 600w psu, in fact prior to installing the hd3870 I was running stable at 2.7 with this core voltage. Started having power problems after upgrading from the 2600xt.

    blackpanther26 said:
    what is your Ram timings. I set the VID to 1.2750 and I still get BSOD. I'm thinking it is my PSU that is out of juice. Like I stated I have an 8800 Ultra and a AMD Phenom 9600 Black. Right there is about 450 watts of power. CPU cooler.

    My ram timings are 5-5-5-15-24 1.8v DDR2 800, it's just cheap g.skill kit.

    Not to mention, the power draw from your 8800ultra is going to be just a slight bit higher than my 3870..... Also try burning in the system at 2.6ghz first. That cooler should be fine, it's on the same level of performance as the Nirvana. What Bsod are you getting? If it's power related it will be something like a machine halt error and it will list psu/cpu/mainboard/memory as possible culprits, or a least it does with XP Sp3.

    Well, the power draw at 2.7 for the toms review was due to the high core voltages. Though you may have one that doesn't want to go above 2.6 without huge core voltage. Pretty sure your Rosewill is very likely in the same boat as my raidmax when it comes to being able to run your rig under load.

    are a couple psu upgrades im loooking at.
  8. that is my PSU. BSOD is Secondary processor interview was not recieved. Something like that. 2.6GHz the system just crashes right away.

    also the BIOS has the TLB Errata disabled could this be a culprate? And I can't even get this to stay stable at 2.4GHz for 32hours. So it has to be the PSU. I'm thinking of this one.
  9. I can't get it even stable at 2.4GHz for 24 hours with out a BSOD. Once I load an aplication like on JKA loading a map I get BSOD. But I'll try to burn it in at 2.4GHz first. The Last CPU I had you can see was the Athlon X2 6000 which was 125 TDP and I even overclocked it to 3.2GHz.
  10. Hehe oddly some times I wish I'd gone with the 6400+ instead of trying to OC the Phenom. But, even if I back it down to stock I can't really be disappointed with it. I just hope when AMD releases the B3 revision they do something to compensate or assist the early adopters of the B2 revision to upgrade. And are you still trying to run at the same voltage that was displayed in your screenies? If so you're still running below stock voltage which will be a problem, depending on your luck with your processor. See, I got lucky, I can actually boot into windows and run prime95 and other things at 2.7ghz at 1.20vid, I just can't get the cores stable for extended stability on it till I put it to 1.2625Vid.

    With a good cooler though, you should be able to push the cpu well, a stable PSU helps a lot.
  11. nope. I ran it at 1.4, 1.45, 1.2, and 1.35v. My 12v should note is 11v. Bit I think it's my ram.
  12. You're psu is doin better than mine. Mines only reading 8.096v through everest on the 12v rail.
  13. when I took out my supertalent and had all OZC memory in there the system crashed right away would not even get into the welcome screen. So I think it's my ram now.
  14. I'm going o try new ram. I hear OCZ uses a lot of volts and dose not like it when you overclock. So I bought 3GBs of G. Skill. before I had these
  15. dude, check out the corsair 750w psu..its like 110 bucks, dont know if you got the money, and its what, t2 or t3 supply? pretty nice imo. its got 4 6+2 pci-e connectors. i think i will use this, but the crossfire of the pc power and cooling is only 30 more...and like t1...but still, that rosewill is like t5, its crap..i would upgrade to something better asap if you can...its tax time anyways!!
  16. I don't think it's my CPU as I'll show you I can get 230 FSB.
  17. look into team-xtreme or that other not top 3 brand...they are CHEAP and oc well, dont require too much volts either. my patriot is nice....but it dropped like 50 or 60 bucks since i bought, but then you have to oc to hit actual ram speed, or change the stepping of proc from a half step to make it run actual 800, like for me, i would select 10 instead of 10.5 for multi, and it was working ok at 2.2v, my computer would NOT run at 2.3v on idea why, kept rebooting. anyways, enough of my crap, just hope you get your stuff working good or better
  18. I tried 12x 13x and even tried my HT multiplier at 5x no luck. I get some times a different BSOD. I don't have raid setup though. Could that be my problem?
  19. ok I've swaped my Phenom out for my athlon 64 X2 6000 and it runs better than the Phenom 9600 I'm either thinking of getting a refund and take a 15% restocking fee or just replacing with a new item.
  20. have them replace...hope you can get a "new" phenom...the one that is fixed, or so i have heard...
  21. yeah. I can hit 3.4GHz with my Athlon 64 X2 but I can't hit 2.4GHz with my Phenom. Very poor CPU from AMD.
  22. I go with what technology is currently leading because I don't have money to burn. I research tech very seriously before I make any desicions (or purchases for that matter). I'm basically saying that I'm no fanboy of Intel or AMD. However being a recently recovering heroin addict and my first self built PC (building computers as a hobby, which I believe was a huge reason for helping me get clean) was an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ and have a genuine love for them. I really hope AMD can right the ship by my next PC build. I would love to see the David and Goliath struggle reform with AMD in the lead. I can definatly understand the frustration from PC fans because AMD really hyped these CPUs and even worse hyped them as Intel "Killers". So far they don't even seem to be out performing their old 90nm chips as far as overclocking goes. A very sad time indeed. :pfff:
  23. Get a PC Power & Cooling (OCZ) 750 Quad PSU and never look back ^^
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