Q6600 core temps different on TAT, Core temp, and speed fan

on speed fan im getting readings of 55C and 53C, on TAT im getting 78 and 71, and on coretemp im getting 22 and 31. WTF is going on i have core temp set to show me the actually temps i think, i do not have the box saying show tjunction to delta temps checked.

i installed a new heatsink and fan today and the temp dropped on core temp, but none of the programs are giving me similar temps. I just put this on http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835106102.

Do i have core temp set wrong or is there some kind of other setting that is not correct. The new cpu fan uses the 3pin instead of the 4 but it fired up no probs when i started up my pc. Im completely stumped and i am weary of leaving my pc running until i make sure its safe.
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  1. what is it in the BIOS?

    my old 05b is 39C IDLE clocked to 2.66G
  2. Mike, are you using the latest version of CoreTemp 0.9.54 Beta? If not grab that and you should get more accurate readings. ( http://www.thecoolest.zerobrains.com/CoreTemp/ )
  3. Kinda confusing in what your stating.

    Your link just shows a list of fans and hs, so its hard to understand what system your using.

    List your specs, that would help us understand what you have. ( :lol: . o O (okay it's a quad, re-read the topic))

    CoreTemp should have more accurate temps, TAT is really only good for testing your thermal max, and speedfan would need to be calibrated correctly, which is explained better in the Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide

    Usually the core temps off speedfan would normally be 15C cooler (on c2d systems) when used right after installing it then CoreTemp, which your readings seem to be the opposite, unless you mistyped your post.
  4. You may want to try one other program. I have been using Everest lately and the CPU core temps it has been giving seem to be pretty accurate.
  5. ok my specs are as follows:

    mobo: evga 680i-sli
    psu: antec trio 550w
    gpu: 8800 gts
    cpu: Q6600 G0
    case: nzxt zero 7 x 120mm fans, 1 x 80mm fan

    on everest im getting
    min:64, max:68, avg:65

    this doesnt make any sense, i have the newest coretemp and it is reading 27 and 30 im going to check it in the bios to make sure
  6. CoreTemp should be showing all 4 core temps.

    When you built your system, is this on a fresh new install of XP?

    Do you have the latest chipset drivers for the 680i?

    And the latest bios for the MB?
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