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Hello: I am new to this forum and I have Windows XP (I guess that's obvious, right?) and recently had to delete my Gmail account due to hackers in Google servers overtaking my account, changing the password, sending out fradulent emails to my contacts, etc., etc. Since this nightmare occurred, and I've switched my email to, and I've had problems getting my default (Comcast) email system properly installed (according to a windows popup when I attempt to send a web page, etc. through my email to a friend). I constantly receive the message that the email default is not correctly installed. I go to Tools, Internet options, and then open the drop-down email choices, but of course there is only Outlook Express and Hotmail listed, neither of which I want to use. I am given no other choices. I have no idea what to do next or how to fix this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. What email program are you using?
  2. (which comes with high-speed internet from Comcast).
  3. You're using their webmail at their website or POP3 mail on Outlook, Win Mail or Thunderbird?
  4. Graywolf (or anyone)
    I am trying to help a friend who's on Juno and wants to change from that. What emailer would you suggest for someone on XP, not knowledgeable about computers (nor wanting to be). It should be easy to use since she also has vision issues. ...I use a Mac and have suggested Outlook but also Postbox Express --- but am really hesitant since I don't know anything about PCs.
  5. PS, the suggestion was Postbox Express, if she was using Windows 7 --- I've written her asking what she was using; it's likely it's still XP.
  6. BetsRC you want people to answer your question??? Open a new post, people usually ignore people that are hijacking other people's posts.

    If I am not mistaken it is mentioned in the board rules.
  7. Sorry! In desperation to answer a friend's request, I hunted online (why didn't she? She's got macular degeneration and spends little time online.) and found that thread. I had no intention of "highjacking" anything. I'll look around for how to start a new post or perhaps find the answer elsewhere.
  8. PamelaT you will have to setup the account on your computer using an email client like Outlook Express or Thunderbird ( )

    here are the instructions for Outlook Express (OE)

    for more help on OE:
  9. Thank you!
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