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Hi all!

My first post, so be gentle with me... LOL

I've been running XP Pro for many years and have finally given in to buying a new PC with Vista Pre-loaded.

Problem is, I cannot get the Router set up on the new PC.

My Netgear wireless router was no problem before with XP , and I was able to add my g/f Laptop (Vista) onto the network easily.

At the moment I have the PC wired in via LAN and the laptop via wireless, but nothing I do can get the PC configured properly.

I'm not clued-up enough to manually configure the Router - can anyone help?


Many thanks in advance
Scott :o)
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  1. Configuring the wireless part of the router is simple -- but I would urge you to download and read the WGT624 manual from first.

    Most likely the issue is with wireless encryption and this can easily be proved by turning it off temporarily in the router having connected the computer to the router via ethernet as you have been doing.

    Then just try to figure out which security standards are supported by both computer and router -- most likely what the router will call WPA PSK TKIP (though Vista probably pointlessly calls it something else).
  2. Hi Fihart

    I've gone over the manual and also unplugged and re-set the router several times.

    How do I find the security info you're referring to??

    Cheers :)
  3. Well, I've got it working...

    After 4 days and god knows how many re-configuring attempts...

    But the worst part is - I have NO idea how I did it....

    The only clue I have is that I used Windows to 'add' the network, rather than the CD that came with the Router.
    Does this help Vista recognise and acknowledge the new configuration details?
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    You aren't the first person to assume that you have to set up each connection to the router using the CD which came with the router.

    In fact, the CD is merely a convenient tool to set up the router initially. Once the router has been set up the connection between the router via wireless is down Windows controlling the wireless adapter and you supplying the necessary security details (if security has been set in the router at all).
  5. I've always been able to do it quickly using the CD in the past...

    I even set up my g/f laptop that has Vista, so I don't understand why the PC wouldn't do it >:(

    Security was set up and I had the right details - it was the final configuration that just wouldn't happen...

    I'd feel a lot better if I knew exactly WHY it worked one way and not the other :D LOL
  6. I suspect it worked because Windows eventually configured it correctly after you had re-started the computer -- as this will clear the IP address if it has gone astray. You can also do this manually via the Command Prompt by typing IPCONFIG /? and choosing the /all option to see what's wrong and the renew or release options to clear errors.

    Personally I also always use the utilities that come with the wireless adapter to configure new connections as they are usually less opaque than the Windows equivalent (the downside is that they consume more memory than the Windows utility)

    First step is usually to turn off wireless security in the router using another computer that is connected or to first connect the new computer by ethernet cable.

    I would not use the CD which came with the router as you risk messing up the settings required to connect to your ISP. As I said, the router CD is intended for setting up the router, not wireless adapters.
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