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Hi. I have been looking on eBay to buy an XP OS disc for my new homebuilt computer project, but all of them seem to be $60 or more. There is a guy I know that can install XP plus a few more programs for $40 and still make money doing it... I wonder if anyone out there knows and could tell me. I wanted this to be a learning experience, but I'm also on a budget so that is why I am considering having him do it for me. I'm sure it has something to do with buying in bulk, but I really don't know. Just wondering. Thanks.
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  1. if you got it from ebay, it will be your Genuine OS, the guy who give for $40 may be a pirated one.. make sure it...
  2. You want to be sure you are paying for a legit OS, not a pirated one. Many people can copy XP, and sell it to others. Then you're stuck with a pirated OS.

    If you decide to buy from this person, go home and check the windows update site for updates. You may get promted for the WGA (windows genuine advantage) download. If you can successfully install that you're good to go.
  3. So what are the disadvantages of having a pirated OS?
  4. It's illegal, for one. Any time that you're required to authenticate, it will fail.
  5. so is there any way that I can actually be sure that this guy would be selling me a legit copy of XP or do I have to take his word for it?
  6. If the seller explicitly says that it's a legal copy, then you are protected by ebay's buyer/seller agreement. If it turns out to be pirated, you can file a dispute with ebay.
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