E6600 Intel or the 6400+ Amd

Sorry for spamming the cpu forum with questions! Haha. As of now, I do not know how to overclock, but I want to in the future. I can not decide which cpu to go with. The E6600 Intel or the 6400+ Amd? I know the E6600 has been known to OC up to 3.2ghz, but the 6400 is already 3.2? I know that Amd and Intel are different, but is it better to OC the 6400? :pt1cable: Also, I will have SLI 8800gt's, Zalman z9700 (or something like that) and a evga 680i board.
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  1. Why would you buy a 6600? The 6750's are cheaper and faster IIRC.
  2. You wont be able to OC the 6400+ much, if your lucky you might get another 1-200mhz out of it... and its going to run really hot.

    also an intel at 3.2ghz will easily spank an AMD chip at 3.2ghz. Go with intel, unless your on a tight budget.
  3. Depends on Prince and Performance.

    Forget the E6600. It's outdated in price and performance.

    If you don't want to OC at all,
    The E6000+ and E6400+ are not bad deals as they will provide good stock performance for not too much money.

    If you are willing to OC, Then you have two common choices.
    1) The E2160 - This should OC to 3.2-3.4 Ghz and match the 6400+ with lots of savings and reduced power consumption.

    2) The E6750 - This will OC to about 3.6-3.8 Ghz and annihalate anything of the X2 chips. There will be a slight price premium for this.
  4. Well, I already have a 5000+, but not the black edition. I also want to really get going on playing crysis decently.
  5. LOl get a new video card then:P I have a 5000+ Black Edition OC to 6400+ but I understand that you wouldn't like to buy the same CPU basically. I would go with the 6400 because I've seen some online for under 200$
    Yes the overclocking is poor and is less powerfull than an Intel...but it means u'll save money both on a Highly overpriced Intel and a New motherboard:)

    P.s I would high concetrate on Videocards when it comes to crysis because it barely made a difference with the Cpu change for me I had to overclock my Videocard to get "blazing" frames (cough* cough* 40-60) and thats running in SLI mode!
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