Backup Software, that back's up, then makes reference file.

I'm looking for backup software that doesn't use propriatory archiving software,
that when I run a backup it makes a folder that stores all the 'to backup' files.
Then makes a database file to keep track of what was backed up.

I am trying to find software that will backup my pictures collection that grows,
the thing is using a differential backup requires me to keep a secondary copy available
to compare.

I like to burn my data all to dvd's (or BDR's) using CDBurnerXP. This way if something happens to a dvd i'm not totally screwed with loosing the entire backup set.

Most freeware software uses the 'Advanced attributes' to ensure file is backed up.
I run many programs for file syncronization for RAID1 to RAID 1 backup's, and it
sometimes changes the setting.

Is there any backup software that will NOT use propriatory archiving methods (so in other words, I can burn the files to DVD using CDBurnerXP), but the backup software also uses
an notepad or excel or database file to keep track of new, modified, already backed up files on a specified folder?
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  1. I recommend you check out Simple File Backup which does scheduled differential backups, backs up files locally, dropbox or onto a server… the best backup tool I’ve ever used and its only $27!!
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