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Going to wipe my computer....stick with XP or upgrade?

It's getting time to do a wipe down of my computer. I'm running XP right now but through my school I can get Vista Business edition for $25. Is it worth the upgrade? Or should I spend an extra $100 on top of the Vista upgrade to get Windows 7 Professional? Or should I just stick with XP?
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  1. before considering upgrade, whats you system configuration..
  2. And specify your reasons for the upgrade and the computer purposes.

    If you're using the computer for basic internet & office purposes, I don't know if it's worth upgrading for the latest release of Windows.

    And of course - It is more depends on your system configuration, like "manjgj" said.
  3. AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual 4400+, 2GB RAM, 8800GTS Geforce

    I mainly surf the web, watch movies and play most of my video games on the PC, although obviously by my setup i'm not a graphics junkie.

    I'm basically wanting to upgrade as i'm going to wipe my system and start fresh. It's been about 2 years since i've built this computer and I feel like it's getting bogged down.
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    Hi kmfdmaddict,

    My advise would be stick with XP .
    Once you have your windows XP reinstalled and have all the latest windows xp drivers for your hardware you will find your PC will be running great.

    Keep XP and maybe spend your spare cash on upgrading your system.

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