JScript runtime error 800a01a8; is NT4.0 fix also for XP?

When I tried to run McAfee Virtual Technician in AT&T Internet Security Suite, I got a page that was blank except for
Microsoft JScript runtime error 800a01a8
Object required
/mvt/DownloadIndex.asp, line 60.

Microsoft Support Article Q296818 gives the procedure for registering an updated JSCRIPT.DLL, v. (.2405
or higher required). A search revealed thirteen versions of this file in twenty locations, and the earliest is 5.7.0.
5730; the one I would unregister as per their procedure, in Regsvr32, is 5.8.6001.22960. It doesn't seem to
make sense to install a Four-something in place of a Five....

Toward the end of M$' article, they mention that this applies to NT4.0; does it even apply to XP, and should I be
getting that error at all?

The Virtual Technician forces Firefox to open, if that's relevant; I'm not familiar with FF, but it was left on the comput-
er by the previous owner....I just use IE8 as default browser; no preference, and no complaints.
Any and all insight is welcome; Thanks.

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    wish someone would answer this as i am having the very same problem
  2. To Janie_13:

    Never got around to posting, "Looks like we're on our own...."; can't figure out if the Community was stumped (not likely) or just having a good laugh. You may already have remedied the JScript error problem; it sure took me long enough.

    Went to and downloaded the Virtual Technician Installer which then ran, or maybe contained, the diagnostic tool (5.7MB). It runs from Start > Programs > McAfee > McAfee Virtual Technician; turns out that right-clicking the Security Center M icon only opened a who-knows-what, as that error warning was all it gave. The actual tool was not in the Security Center 'package', therefore not in the Start Menu (right-clicking still brings up the error, though, even though the tool is installed and works).

    I explored all of the downloaded files, and can find no evidence of the JScript.dll version that is supposed to be so important that the later versions I have can't do the job.

    Hope this anecdote helps, rather than hinders.

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  4. Hello all, ttom is absolutely correct regarding the McAfee issue.

    There is a Malware called Rouge.Multiple attacking Windows and McAfee. I've dealt with some 20 comps or better since April 17th and have managed to save 16. The 4 were beyond saving. The malware deletes and corrupts the Windows and McAfee installations everytime the computer is shut off eventually rendering the system useless.
    I hate to say this but, I am impressed by this malware. It will not allow acess to the USB ports or DVD/CD and causes issues trying to run in Safe mode.

    The steps I've been taking, because most systems are too damaged, are: repair the Windows installation, ensure the Windows OS is fully up to date, have a copy of Malwarebytes ( and install then run the scan, download and run MCRP2.exe from the McAfee website (solution 2) This will remove all traces of McAfee, Run, reboot, then re-install McAfee.

    I hope this resolves your problem.

    PS do not forget to update the Adobe Macromedia and shockwave addons and Java prior to the reinstall
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