Ok, so processor does make a big difference

When i had recieved my 8800gt last week , i ran 3d mark 06 on a e6400 no OC and got about 7k

I upgraded it to a E6850 and a p35 mobo and now i get this http://service.futuremark.com/orb/resultanalyzer.jsp?projectType=14&XLID=0&UID=11990566

Didn't know even a mid range c2d can bottleneck the 8800gt ;o
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  1. Well, yeah -- lol. Congratz on getting better performance.
  2. Nice! That's quite a boost.
  3. niceeeeeee....it probably was a combination of the new mobo and processor. But still insane!
  4. Nice. I've got a Q6600 OCed to 3G bottlenecked by a x1950pro. :cry:
  5. Yeah it's how the 3Dmk06 works, and it's not like a game in that many areas are stressed in a way to simply max out the DX features/support of a system. However unlike 3Dmk05 and 3Dmk03 this iteration is very CPU sensitive once you get to higher scores.

    When the GTX first came out it was shown that on older PCs the GTX and the GX2 shared the same score around 8K, but to get beyond that you need to have a very fast CPU, which then allowed the GTX to add a couple of K to it's score. This boost was much larger than that felt in 3Dmk05, which still benifits from a faster CPU, but not as dramatically.
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