Best paid video recording software

Which program (for example, FPRAPs) and why?

P.S. "Because I used it for 10 years" isn't a reason, it's an excuse.
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  1. Fraps. The quality is the best. It's also pretty light on system compared to other tools (notably Bandicam).
  2. Is there software that uses less CPU power (without the cost of quality)?
  3. Fraps uses little CPU, there is another solution that uses no at all CPU and has identical quality - but it's costy. It's having another PC and a capture card inside of it, so it captures everything the first PC is displaying without the first PC lagging.
  4. It uses plenty if it's an old CPU. I saw some new software out there, so I was wondering if it may be better in that department.
  5. Recording is a hard task. Software will not make it better ;).
  6. Different software works differently. ;)
  7. Nothing useful there.
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