Between Crucial Ballistix Tracer & Corsair Dominator

I'm firmly decided on getting an Asus Striker Extreme with a Q6600, What I'm stuck on is which memory manufacture I should go with. Ive been looking at both corsair and crucial and their respective DDR2-8500 2GB kits: &, each company is highly respected and both have done the testing to prove that their memory works with the Striker Extreme. Ive been doing a lot of research and looking through many forums and other users experiences but nothing really firm. And I plan on over-clocking the system pretty far and I need memory that can keep up, the other reason I want DDR2-8500 over DDR2-6400.
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  1. It's very simple: since they're both about the same, just look at their prices.
  2. Price is a good decider. If you want to put in more work, contact tech support of each vendor, and ask them a question, or visit their forums to see which one gives better service.
  3. The chips you can get are Micron D9GMH and D9GKX for the Corsair. Crucial being a subsidiary of Micron has all Micron chips also, having Micron D9GMH mostly, but also the possibility of D9GKX or D9GCT. All of these chips, are among the highest quality, and almost every memory kit over DDR2-800 will contain these chips(most, not all) and that is probably the best indicator of how quality both of these memory kits are. Also, the Crucial Ballistix PC2-8000 and PC2-6400 are also Micron D9GMH, D9GKX or D9GCT.
  4. Dominator = Domination. And it looks better.
  5. Both of those companies have been in the memory business for quite a long time,and both offer exceptional performance for dollars spent.So I guess I'm saying is that it comes down to personal preferance and price.Even if one company is only a little cheaper than the other,the performance is similar and if saving 5 or 10 dollars is how you want do it,then do so.In other words,either one will do the job you need it to and then some.Goodluck.


    X2 5600+ STOCK (2.8GHZ)
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  6. The Dominator looks better, the Ballistix overclocks better.
  7. If you want LEDs on the memory Dominator does not have them. We have the PRO series memory but do not offer it in an 8500 speed grade. So LEDs and price could play into your decision.
  8. I've got the tracer 8500 sticks and the LEDs are awesome. I'm currently running them 1:1 at 3.0 GHZ on a Q6600 G0 Stepping (RAM is at 667 currently) at 4-4-4-12.

    I USED to run Dominator memory til it crapped out on me last year. Made the switch and haven't had a single problem with the Tracers.
  9. akhilles said:

    Ordered mine at breakfast, by lunchtime I had the email that said it shipped. :wahoo:
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