New System build, need help

Hi, I am building a much needed new midrange gaming rig. So far what I thought of getting is:

PCU Q6600 G0
DDR2 A-DATA Vitesta Extreme Edition DIMM Kit 2048MB PC2-6400U CL4-4-4-12 (DDR2-800) (ADQVD1A16K2)
I know the A-Data are not well-known in the U.S but I've read some great reviews about them (I'm in Europe)
XFX GeForce 8800 GTS 500M, 640MB GDDR3, 2x DVI, TV-out, PCIe
PSU Corsair VX 550W ATX 2.2
Case Sharkoon Rebel9 Economic Midi-Tower
It is not a great case, but I plan on gettin a couple of Scythe S-FLEX 1200, 120x120x25mm, 1200rpm and it is cheap.
Motherboard Asus P5k P35
This one I'm not sure about, I really like the Asus Bios, but if you guys know a similarly priced, better gigabyte mobo , I would get it. I don't plan on using raid or sli, but I definitely need the firewire port.
Scythe Mugen (this is the Scythe Infinity with another fan)
Should I get the Thermalright 120 instead? I plan on OC-ing. I hope to get at 3ghz, from what I've seen it should be doable.

Any input is highly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
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  1. Looks like a good PC. Couple Changes:

    -The nVidia 8800GT 512MB GPU is supposed to becoming out tomorrow and early benchmarks place it better than the 8800GTS 640MB.
    -Nice PSU, nothing bad to say about it, but the Corsair HX series is rated 1 tier above the VX series)
    -That mobo is good. I'm putting it in my future system. Seems to be a lot of quality for a low price.

  2. Looks like a fine build, and I echo everything Adam said. :wahoo:
  3. From what I've read, the P5K is actually the best in the same price range. It overclocks a bit better than the other similarly priced boards. ABIT IP35-E is not bad. If you absolutely don't want RAID, how about GA-P35-DS3L?

    If you're aiming to overclock, yes, get the best cpu cooler you can afford. ThermalRight Ultra 120 eXtreme needs a 120mm fan. Pick out a Scythe 120mm 60ish cfm.
  4. Thank you all, now I am a bit confused. I was really looking forward to building this pc. (I have a Sempron 2ghz, Radeon 9600 Pro, 1 Gb ddr400)

    Now I have to wait for the 8800gt:( Do you know any good integrated graphics motherboards, with fireware, good OC-ing in the same price range as the Asus P5k P35? If there is an equivalent to the P5k P35 that I could get, I could build it and wait for the 8800gt to be available. Or is it a stupid Idea? Maybe i should just wait a couple of weeks.

    By the way I am getting the ThermalRight Ultra 120 eXtreme.
  5. The 8800GT is out today.
  6. The 8800GT just appeared on

    The abit P35 pro or normal P35 board are also nicely priced on alternate

    I would opt the 520HX series from corsair, like Adam said
  7. Ok, I just ordered the first component, the 8800gt :).
    They're in stock. I hope they still are, actually.
  8. FYI, 8800GT may have the same mounting holes as 7900GT so if you're getting a new vga cooler, try your old one first if you have one. I found this in a review. Lost the link. The PCB boards like very alike.
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