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As I was installing an update to Intel SSD Toolbox (from v.3.0.3 to 3.0.5) I noticed something I'd never seen before (maybe this was always there, not sure). As it installed the update, it got stuck on the progress bar saying "Installing Java Runtime Environment"...and I immediately raised my eyebrows cuz I HATE Java, and never EVER want it on my PC!! Well, a few seconds later it finished successfully, so I went to the "Programs and Features" under the Control Panel. There's no listing for JRE, and nothing else under the Control Panel about Java. I read the Intel SSD Toolbox manual here and it says very very vaguely under the Requirements Section:

 "At least 20 megabytes (MB) of available space if Java* version 1.4 or later is
installed. If Java 1.3 or earlier is installed, at least 110 MB of available space is

My question is this: did Intel install Java (in any way shape or form) on my PC?
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    The Toolbox includes its own copy of the JRE (it's required to run the Toolbox). That's why it doesn't appear as a separately uninstallable package.
  2. Is there a way I can install the toolbox on one PC, go to the Program Files (x86) and copy the Intel SSD Toolbox Folder (minus the JRE folder inside it) and copy the folder to a new system to avoid JRE alltogether?

    I'm hoping that there are only certain features within the toolbox that would require JRE and maybe I can simply avoid using those features...all I wanna be able to do is run the "Optimizer" once a week...
  3. Nope.
  4. Turns out you can bro...

    1. Installed SSD Toolbox on PC

    2. Copied "Intel" Folder under Program Files (x86) to Thumbdrive

    3. Deleted "jre" folder inside the "Intel" folder I just copied to Thumbdrive

    4. Fresh Installed Windows 7

    5. Copied "Intel" Folder from Thumbdrive to my new Program Files (x86)

    6. Executed "Intel SSD Toolbox.exe" and all functions are "Go"...tried the Smart panel, Optimizer, Quick Diagnostic Scan, Full Diagnostic Scan, and the System Tuner

    Everything I needed and more...I just hit "10" on the "Crazy Scale"!!
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