amd FX-62 bottleneck 8800gt question

ok my system spec are


ok my question is that I just ordered a geforce 8800gt and would like to know if my cpu which is a fx-62 will bottleneck my new 8800gt
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  1. While the 8800 will show some benefit with a faster processor, the FX you have will go nicely with with it.
  2. it'll be fine
  3. thanks for the reply cause I was in the evga website forum that it would bottleneck this is waht the person posted:

    Bottlenecks can be worked around in games by running higher resolutions and using higher quality settings to shift more load to the GPU so it's not constantly waiting on your CPU to send it more data. But in 3Dmark benches, and gaming at 1280x1024 resolutions, your CPU will not let your GPU run at it's fullest potential, hence it's
    bottlenecked. HIs CPU is bottlenecking the 8800GT it's a well known fact that AMD CPUs cannot compete with Intel at the mement in benchmarks. And the Crysis demo is pretty handicapped, because it does not support multi threading to take advantage of multiple core CPUs and it does not support dynamic branching in the game engine to really take advantage of a unified shader architecture. If you game at resolutions lower than 1280x1024 or like to benchmark your system, you cannot hope to compete with Intel's chips sadly.

    so is it or isn't I am kinda confused I really wanna belive it won't be like you guys say but I just wanna know the turth thanks
  4. This is just another fanboy spouting "Intel is the best there is and everything else is complete crap" nonsense.
    Yes, the card will post marginally higher benchmarks with a faster processor. Your old card would post higher benchmarks with faster processor too.
    Though your FX won't push the 8800 to the very limits of it's capability, it will still do a fine job.
  5. Unless I missed it, you haven't said whether or not your FX62 is overclocked, or what speed it is running if it is overclocked. A major reason for buying the FX chips was the unlocked multiplier and the ability to overclock them easily. At stock speeds there are already a number of AMD chips that run faster than the FX62.

    In any case, I think the FX62 should do fine with the 8800GT. Maybe not run the 8800GT at its fastest, but certainly it won't cripple it. Heck, even my old FX60 would do fine with the 8800GT.
  6. yep... even a stock speed X2 3800+ is capable enough to let an 8800GT perform well. as indicated by an article THG did pairing an X2 3800+ with an 8800GTX (which coincidentally performs the same as an 8800GT for the most part). it was crippled, sure, but only to the extent that would be noticable in synthetics on the very high end of its fps, and not actual gameplay which wont really benefit at all one way or the other from fps that high (ie, many times the fps were either around or in excess of 100fps in that pairing, instead of even farther above 100fps... such as, can you actually see the difference between ~110fps and ~140fps?... no. and to that extent, even the current intel cpus were crippling the 8800 series gpu as well, but again, only on the high end of its fps just the same).
  7. thanks you guys for the info
  8. jgdsl said:
    thanks you guys for the info

    Your good to go, that is if you can find another brand thats in stock other than Asus at NeweGG. More 8800GT's from EVGA ETa 11/6/07 at NewEgg.
  9. evga has a bunch of 8800gt ssc edtion in stock since yesterday night all the way till today and they still have them in stock at a cheaper price than newegg. I think they have all the models in stock still so hurry and get them before there are gone


    An E6600 will bottlekneck the 8800 compared to the E6700, same as an X6800, Q6850 etc - it has to stop at some point, your cpu will be fine.

    Perhaps the better question - how much of a jump from a 7950GX2 to the 8800GT?
  11. Actually, as someone thats thinking about going from a GX2 to a 8800gt, that's a question i wondering about too, anyone have info/link?

    (Sorry if this counts as a threadjack)
  12. there you go:

    an 8800GT performs the same as an 8800GTX up till about 1920x1200 0xAA res... as soon as you add any AA though at that resolution, their performance begins to seperate, with the 8800GTX pulling ahead. at lower resolutions than that though, theyll be the same.
  13. Ah, thanks alot, forgot about the charts...
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