New build beeps alot when first power up?

hello, I just built a new system
pentium duo core E2140
abit IP35E
cooler master case centurion with 350 w psu
cooler master hypertx cooler
hp 5300 1 g ddr2
bfg pcexpress 128 mb vid card
I followed the instruction by the mobo guide
When I start the computer for the first time, it powers up
then it shuts itself down for 3 sec
then it restarts by itself and then make beeping noise like some kind of alarm
i turned off the system
I double check to make sure the hypertx cooler is tightly latched on, and it is.
i turn it on again, and the same beeping noise persist.
Please help
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  1. hp 5300 1 g ddr2 - Think you got the deal from slick. Impossible price.
    bfg pcexpress 128 mb vid card - What's it exactly? Look at the package.

    Does your ower supply have a 24-pin mobo power cable? Plugged in everything from 24-pin mobo, 8-pin cpu, any 6-pin video, etc.? Is everything totally inserted? RAM, video, other pci cards.

    In the mobo manual, what minimum psu wattage does it recommend? It should be in the 24-pin mobo power connector section or before that.
  2. What kind of beeps is it making? Try to be as specific as possible. (Eg. One long beep and Three short beeps)
  3. I'm really not an expert, but have you attempted to reset the CMOS?
  4. yes, i have reset my cmos
    yes, hp memory from slick
    3d fuzion geforce 6200 le pci express
    the beep was continuous, a short 2 notes pitch, one low, one high
    i plug in every power cable i could see
    was following the instruction from the mobo book to the t
    mobo book did not mention what wattage psu i could use, i checked
    i did use the 24 pin mobo power cable
  5. I think for my mobo at leasts, if you get beeps every 2-3 seconds at intervals, that means ram. So start by reseating the ram, make sure you have it pushed down firmly in the slot, and that it has locked into place. If it persists after that, check your power connections and make sure the video card is firmly seated.
  6. Yes, good idea. Listen to the beep codes. Google your bios beep codes & their meanings.

    Try seating the ram in each of the 4 slots. Unplug all disk drives & non-video cards.

    350w is plenty for 6200. Even 7300. Not sure about the quality of the psu. If you have a spare, try that.
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