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Hello everyone and thank you in advance for the help.

I'm looking to build a new PC but I'm not very techy-savvy so please bear that in mind. I'm leaning towards getting an AMD processor(at least 3.5GHz) and graphics card(at least 1G) but do not know which will work best for me as I plan on playing mostly MMO's(WoW, FFXI, etc of the like) so nothing high end but something that is still really good, as well as something that will allow me to multi-task such as watching videos/movies, etc. Of course I want something for RAM that will be able to keep up with such things, and again nothing high end but something really good. As for the tower and mobo, I have a lot of HDD's so something that can hold possibly more than 5 and can fit with the mobo needed for the CPU/graphics card. Any recommendations on what kind of fan/s I should get would help also in regards to the specs you recommend, and everything else such as power supply, etc. My budget is around 2-2.5k.

Just a quick fyi, I don't plan on getting all the pieces at once. I'm just trying to be patient about this and not rush into it.
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  1. post this in the hardware>systems part of this forum and you will be likely to get quite a bit more recommendations.

    in general while buying everything slowly might seem like a good idea, buying too slow may mean that hardware you bought at the start is now outdated and you could end up spending more. i would start putting money away and buy the pc in whole when you have enough saved up.
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