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So first of all, thank you for even looking at this thread. No yes a have searched the board before posting this topic, and yes there were some discussions about PhysX and i even read the whole review about this, but the time has somewhat moved on and the latest discussion i was able to find was somwhere created in the 3rd quarter of last year.
Anyway, the point is that since AGEIA released it's PPU and everyone who had a head-to-head dealings with it, has mocked it and left it alone to float in the sea of PC components, and I really never heard much about this piece of hardware from then on. Maybe because it is or was a big pricey failure? Still... for last few weeks i was wandering of maybe getting one of those PPU's, and before i am willing to spend 200$ i want to shed some light on the question that is stalling me from buying it. Is it really that not worth it, with all this talk about a multicore CPU that will have PPU integrated into it ? maybe people who have bought this PPU could tell me, how did their gaming experience changed ? Cause some time has passed and new games where introduced, but i'm really looking forward to UT2008 and from what i've heared, it will release the true potential of PhysX.

Thank you.
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  1. It looks like the PPU has come and gone without much notice. The hardware is old now, so even if it was used it wouldn't be doing anything a multi-core CPU couldn't handle. GPUs look poised to take over the dedicated physics role, and that seems like a better solution to me. In any case, unless something huge happens there is no need for a dedicated PPU any more (most would say that there never really was).
  2. The PPU business will have wait for a few years before it's needed in every pc and games have minium PPU requirements
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