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I have a BIG problem with overclocking my CPU....2 days ago I upgraded my DDR memory from 2*512MB(PQI DDR400 CL2.5) to 2*1GB(Kingston KVR400X64C3A/1G 2x200mhz CL3). In both cases the CPU speed is same (2.8 Ghz)...in the case of 2*512 i had to lower memory speed from 400 to 333 mhz and HyperTransfer from 5x to 4x. With the new memory, the only way to overclock is to lover memory to 266 memory speed....not 333 like in the old case. Tests results shows that the old 2*512
performs better than the new 2*1GB. Something is not right!!!! Is there an extra setting for the new memory....CL Timings, or voltage?
Please.....need help.

My system:

DUAL-CORE Opteron 165 Toledo S939 OC 2.8 GHZ (1.485v/29,5°C)
2*1GB Kingston KVR400X64C3A/1G 2x200mhz CL3
2*160 MAXTOR(Seagate)STM3160812AS = nVidia stripe 298.09G
2*8600 GT SLI mode
SB Audigy SE
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  1. Hmmm, it should perform a bit slower due to CL3 timings, but you should be able to keep the Mhz up. What is your HT clock at? Mine sits at 313 so my ram ends up at 401 or something, I believe I have my divider set to DDR266 speeds as well, you have to remember its got alot of extra HT clock to deal with. Your RAM is just the bargain bin stuff, so its not gonna overclock very well, DDR400 is all your gonna get out of it.
  2. it runs at 296...So...do you say that the CL3 timing rams are slower than the CL2 or CL 2.5?
  3. Right, the lower your CL rating, the faster the ram, but its not the only factor. DDR-500 at CL3 would be faster than DDR-400 at CL2.5 Not something you really have to worry about since most ram is DDR-400. You can get high performance 1GB modules that have the lower CL values, just have to pay more for them. Depends how much performance your trying to pull out, but realistically its not worth the extra cash since DDR is goin away.

    Long story short, your 512MB modules handled the overclock alot better than your 1GB modules did. You can get 1GB modules that will overclock, but there gonna cost you a little more. I personally use these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231032 on sale right now, great deal.
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