GA-P35-DS3L/S3L rev 2.0

i can't get the hd audio to work! how do you get it to work?
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  1. xp or vista?
  2. XP pro sp2
    heres what i did first, i installed the hd audio drivers from the Motherboard CD. then restarted comp, but it detects new audio hardware and it can't find any drivers to update with...but didn't i just installed the drivers? then i went to the Gigabyte site and downloaded their latest audio drivers and tried to install, but when i try to it says "installion failure" or something like that...what's the problem?
    and for the audio cables i just need to plug in the "HD audio" to the motherboard right? because i also see a bunch of "AZALIA" plugs?
  3. i was able to install the one u provided me with wazzaUK, but when i try to go to volume contol it says i need to install a mixer device...?
  4. I think you need this hotfix - kb888111. (remove audio drivers before installing). Your original HD drivers should work.
  5. my mobo cd provides that patch and it still says the same thing when i try to install the realtek hd audio drivers "Install Realtek HD Audio driver FAilure!!"
  6. that one has also been tried with the same results!
  7. The kb888111 fix should allow HD drivers to be installed properly...

    should install kb888111 before the audio drivers.

  8. This seems to make it too easy:

    Food for thought: disable the realtek(integrated peripherals) in bios.. get an add-on card - something by creative....
  9. lol @ sound card, that would be my last resort if i really can't get the onboard audio to work
    would reformatting my comp and reinstalling xp help? according to that thread you posted before your last one, it says that he didn't update windows xp fully before installing the microsoft audio patch and drivers
  10. Yep, from a clean install......
  11. sorry..... no he didnt. But he had success when he re-installed. Might be worth trying...

    First thou unistall that fix(if possible) - remove the audio device (in device manager) - and remove driver installation - reboot

    install the fix - then drivers...
  12. it woudln't let me uninstall the hd audio device
  13. well try to uninstall all audio drivers then install what you get from realtek
  14. I would of started a fresh install by now..... Having the audio drivers installed first hasnt helped.... (wait for updates before sorting audio)

    Or disabled it lol....
  15. ill report back to you when i do it
    right now im going to enjoy thanksgiving!
    happy thanksgiving guys
    Wazza i like your consistency!
  16. got a quick question?
    what are all those other plugs in my case? it has the "hd audio", the "realtek 97" and the "azalia", which the azalia have a bunch of other wires unlike the other 2 which only has 1 plug...
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