XP won't boot after Uninstalling McAfee anti-virus

After uninstalling McAfee I restarted and it got all the way through the post and the window showing the progress indicator and then to the next window ( light blue with the XP icon flag) then my mouse appears and it works, then it just freezes and I have no way to click on an account because the Icons are gone. I ran chkdsk and there were errors and they got repaired. I removed everything but one stick of memory and still no luck. Any advice is most appreciated.
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  1. Hi g.This is a little late but.Have you tried last known good configuration or safe mode.If you can get into safe mode and do a system restore it might right the file system.And if you could do that then uninstall the program with Revo Uninstaller.It will r
    emove it and you can see what it is removing.Some programs take offence to being removed.It,s advertising gone viral:-)[/quotemsg

    Hi T, Yeah, I tried both those options with no luck. Then I stuck in a Win 7 upgrade and installed it with no problems. Now it is running smooth. Thanks for the help
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