First build...need some advice

Hey guys

ok so the computer im on now is about 7 years old and takes forever to do anything. Hence i need i new computer. It will be used for general computing, school stuff, internet etc, as well as casual gaming and the odd lan party. It would also be good if the system was fairly quite. I dont intend to overclock, maybe in a year or so but not for now. I've set an absolute limit of $1600 (Australian), and will most likely be buying from

Here's what i had in mind:

INTEL CORE 2 DUO E6750 2.66Ghz 4m CACHE 1333FSB LGA 775 - $242

ASUS P5K SE Intel P35 Chipset Dual Channel DDR2 GBLan 8 Channel Audio Quad ready 1333FSB - $165

CORSAIR TwinX 1gig x 2 (2 Gig) DDR2 XMS2-6400C4 800mhz Matched Pair- $169

Video Card??? not sure really...
ASUS EN8600-GT SILENT 512meg DDR3 Model: EN8600GT SILENT/HTDP/512M/A -$209
ASUS EN8600-GTS SILENT 256meg DDR3 Model: EN8600GTS SILENT/HTDP/256M/A - $269

SeaGate 320 gig 7200rpm SATA-2 NCQ 16meg Cache 7200.10 - $103

ANTEC TruePower TRIO 550watt PSU EPS SLI-Ready Model: TP3-550 - $149

19inch LG Model L1953T-SF SILVER TFT Display 1280x1024 DVI Contrast 2000:1 5ms Response Time - $269

ANTEC SOLO Quite Mini Tower Case Piano Black Finish NO POWER - $145


X-SONIC KEYBOARD and MOUSE Kit BLACK with wheel on mouse WAS $25 now $10 - $10

This comes to a total of $1530 with the 8600GT

Questions I have are:

1. Will these parts all work together??? this is my main concern. And also are they vista compatable

2. As for the video cards, ive heard the 8800GT is coming very soon. I'd love to get this card, but im not sure how much it is going to cost.

3. Power supply: will the one listed above be sufficient? How do you even calculate how much power your going to need?

4.Some other options i have just found are:
19inch LG Model L194WT-SF WideScreen Silver 1440x900 High Contrast 2000:1 DVI 5ms Response - $239
which looks to be similar to the other screen, just widescreen and for some reason $30 cheaper.

ASUS P5K Intel P35 Dual-channel DDR2 1066/800/667 MHz Heat Pipe Intel QUAD CORE 2 DUO READY $185
which is $20 more, heat pipe cooled and seems like a generally better board.

What do you think of these other options?

5. In regard to the 'silent' graphic cards listed above, and also the heat pipe MB listed above.. is there any disadvantage, performance or otherwise, to a heat sink or heat pipe model over a normal model.

6. As far as OS's go, im planning on getting Vista, just to save buying it later. I'm guessing i would want the 32-bit version, not the 62.bit one?

Just finally, reading through these forums it seems there are a few people that have had problems building there own computer. Would it be wiser for me to get professionals to assemble the computer?

Thanks heaps in advance to any advice or suggestions given. Just ask if you would like links to any or all of the components listed, and feel free to comment. =)
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  1. 1. It looks like they might, but that is pending one question: Is that case of yours a MICRO case? If so, you'd need a micro-atx mobo.

    2. As things look, I would get the 8800GT. It will come in 256 and 512 Mb version. They will cost (roughly) $199, 250 respectively. If this is out of your budget(sorry, not up on USD-->ASD conversion), then you could possibly wait for the perhaps cheaper(supposedly a $150 USD is going to be released) ATI models coming ~Nov. 17.

    3. These are fairly handy link: <--- usually want to pick something from tier 3 or higher(as in 1 or 2)..the higher the better. Also, this link will calculate a rought estimate of power needed: (IMO, 550W should be good)

    4. Monitors aren't my forte. I like mine cheap. ;)

    5. Might be ever-so-slight more silent if you do get a silent GPU. Probably just has a different cooler than stock. Regarding the heat sink and pipes, your card would most likely run cooler. Technically, cooler = better = longer life.

    6. Vista, good choice. If you ever have plans to upgrade to any higher number of ram, then you might want to choose the 64 bit OS. However, if you want to just have 2(vista32bit can use up to 3GB)GB, 32bit would be fine.

    You are not going to get a homebuilder to tell you to get a professional to help you. The fact is, though, that if you are not comfortable building yourself, I would hire someone. It really isn't that hard though. ;)

  2. Thanks heaps
    As for the MB, it fits both micro and standard ATX, so considering that, am i right for compatabilty?
    Great links for the PSU.
    I would like to leave open the option of upgrading to 4gb of ram later, so does that mean i should get 62-bit?
    Yea i was confident i could build it myself, until i saw all the problems peope came across on these forums lol, but i think i should be right.
  3. 1. Yep, looks like you are compatible.

    2. I would get the 64bit OS. It is not nearly as bad as it was, and ot can only get better.
  4. Ok thanks. any other comments anyone?

    Here's a revised list thats hopefully a little easier to read.

    CPU: Intel C2Duo E6750
    MB: Asus P5K SE Intel P35 DDR2 1333FSB
    RAM: Corsair twinx 1gx2 ddr2 xms2 - 6400 c4 800mhz
    Video Card: 8800GT (once its available on the site im using)
    HDD: Seagate 320GB 7200rpm sata 2 16meg cache
    PSU: Antec TruePower TRIO 550watt
    Monitor: 19inch LG 1440x900 Wide Screen 2000:1 contrast 5ms...(anything wrong with a widescreen for gaming/general computing??)
    Case: Antec Solo Quite mini tower case (fits micro and standard atx)
    Speakers: Logitech X-240 Speakers 2.1
    OS: Vista home premium 32 or 64 bit (still deciding)
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