I must have broke something...

I have an old pentium 4 system i built and i am going to sell it to a friend but i had to clean out all the dust first because it was really bad. I pulled off the heatsink and for some reason the processor was stuck to it. It doesnt look like anything was damaged but when i try to start the system it keeps making long beeps and it sounds like a voice it talking on the internal speaker, but its too distorted to make it out. Was is likely to be wrong the processor or mobo? I hope its only the processor because i can easily buy a new one. How can i find out the problem or hear what ever is coming through the internal speaker?
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  1. If it is making one beep you can look on Dell's website under the model of your pc, you may have bent some pins on your processor. :( If it was a socket 478 since you said it was old. Just take a look at the processor and we what happens. It may also not be seated correctly.
  2. Which type of CPU do you have socket 478 or 775? (478 pins on CPU, 775 pins on board) Be sure there are no bent pins on either and if so perhaps you can fix them by carefully straightening them with very gentle pressure. Avoid to much back and forth as you can break off the pins and that is a sure way to finish it off for sure.

    Did you remove the CPU from the heatsink and reinstall it? If so be sure that you lift the retaining arm before installing it and secure it with said arm after installing it.

    If you did not remove the CPU from the heatsink before reinstalling then please carefully remove it from the heatsink, clean both and reapply thermal paste before reinstalling. When reinstalling be sure to apply slight pressure downward on 478 CPU while closing the retaining arm as sometimes they will not seat completely. Hopefully your back working but maybe this will help.

    When a system does not complete POST it will sometimes provide feedback in the form of beep codes or voice. Some makes of boards allow the beep codes to provide failure points. My ASUS board has the voice post and if you connect headphones to the on board audio out you might find that you can hear what is being said. If you can understand what is being said perhaps you can resolve this with what it says and resolve your problem, if not try more below

    Further if your system worked before this and you did not force anything causing damage then you should make sure that you reseat everything that is required for the system to work and remove all that are not. This means that you just need board, CPU, memory, video and power supply. Reseat these items and remove all others, be sure to remove power to extra devices to. Be sure to make sure all these items are firmly seated, as poorly seated CPU, memory and video cards often cause post failures. Also be sure that you have fully connected your power and none of the cables in the connectors have come loose (I have seen a few power supplies with a few pins unseated cause failure to post), also be sure the 4 pin additional power is connected to the board. In this case usually only CPU fans will cause failure to post but you did not say it shuts down which would also be a sign of this. But you might try a new or different CPU fan just to be sure. Well hopefully this has you working.
  3. Its a 478 socket Albatron PX865PE Pro2 motherboard. I tried resetting the CPU again but i still get the same error, it just beeps untill i turn it off. I tried pluging a headset into the front audio ports but that doesnt all me to hear what must a voice coming from my mobo. All the cables and components are all plugged in correctly and everything. All the pins are still on the CPU and not bent and the CPU fan is plugged in and spinning. The computer was working just find before i opened it up too. I cant imagine anything else that could have happend. When i was cleaning it the only thing unusualy what the CPU coming off with the heatsink.
  4. Ive never used thermal paste before, do i just put a little on the top of the cpu before i put on the heatsink? Do i ever have to go back and reapply it again?
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