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Hello, can't get into safemode , or anything i ran a virus check with my antivirus startup disk it found 2 things and cleaned them but it continues to restart constantly i put a stop on the restart to read the blue screen and it said check drivers and hardware i did install some drivers but i can't get into windows to uninstall them.
It's a brand new computer it received it last week. it was working when i first turned it on and then it restarted cause i have stopzilla installed and that said it found spyware and had to restart then the rebooting stuff started.
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  1. Hi:give the following URL a spin

    WinXP reboots continuously?

    Computer Continuously Restart?

    XP constantly reboots itself?

    Windows restarts without warning?

    Windows XP restarts unexpectedly or restarts when you shut down the computer?

    best of luck
  2. Do you have an XP disc?
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