Antec Sonata II doesn't shut down?

I've built two systems with the Antec Sonata II case and although I never had any problems while building/installing software, my sister and her boyfriend say that they can't get their systems to shut down. They choose "Turn off" or "Shut down" in windows, the system goes through the actions, and shuts down. Then the weird thing happens: the system will (or try to) boot again. They describe it as a shut down, pause, restart. It takes longer than a regular restart and the lights and fans fully turn off before it powers on again.

Anybody ever run across this? The systems didn't do that in my possession while building them. One is an Athlon 64 X2 machine and the other is a C2 Duo machine. They were built about a year apart but both have the Antec Sonata II case.

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  1. That REALLY doesn't sound like a case issue. (if it is, I've never heard of that, before.) I'd have to say check for viruses and such, first.
  2. Could be a faulty PSU causing a short. Or maybe the power switch on the case; or hardware inside touching the case and causing a short. Or, perhaps a bad BIOS setting...or perhaps a a program running in the background. In fact, generally, a background program that is still running may prevent the OS from properly shutting down...heck, the reboot could even be caused by this improper shutdown where the program causes a system reboot.

    In essence, a bit more info would be nice....
  3. cheak in bios their might be an option something like "reboot on power off' disable that.

    That site seemed to have some answers. Forwarded it on to my sis and her bf.

    Thanks everyone. I'll post back when they try it out. I've looked around and it seems it can be viral, malware, driver conflict, etc...

    Like I said, it only started happening after they started installing their own programs on the machines. God knows what they do :D
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