Strange mini-hard drive in Sony Vaio VGN-TXN29N

What is the Sony Vaio's vgn-txn29n's hard drive type/form so I can order one of the buggers?

I regularly replace hard drives in desktops and, to a lesser extent, in laptops (Windows and OS X), and I'm thus familiar with ide and sata (and ole scsi, too).

Friday, though, after opening a Sony Vaio vgn-txn29n (a mini-laptop) I was surprised to find a hard drive that's smaller than a regular laptop drive. It's an 80G Toshiba with a physical connector I have never seen before (Windows Vista [gag] treats it as an IDE drive, so I assume it is an IDE regardless of the mini ribbon cable connector).

Anyway, the two laptop IDE laptop drives I have on hand are much too big physically to replace the physically smaller Toshiba drive, plus their interfaces (pins or pin-to-tongue or pin-to-somethingElse) aren't even close. I didn't find any helpful info on the drive's label either.

I've searched the web and can't find what this little hard drive type/form is called; my searches must have been unimaginative and crappy ("mini" hard drive didn't deliver).

I need to get this ordered asap.

Needless to say, Sony is less than helpful.

I hate the difficult drive access in the Sony (it's almost as bad as a Macbook).
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  1. Sounds like a 1.8" drive, about the size of a PCMCIA card but with a slightly smaller connector on the end.
  2. I have similar issue with my Sony Vaio laptop but I 've just found mine online and waiting for it to be shipped to me. Its a strange hard drive indeed. Here is a link to where I got mine.
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