Move Old Boot HD to New System

Here is my new system.

I Had a small problem with lightening and the MB died. I am building a new system and wanted to take my old (not old at all) boot HDD and put it in my new system.

I am thinking by starting up from the XP CD and doing a install - repair, the new system should boot from my old HDD. Then I can add drivers.

Would this work? I just went thru the death of a HD (thanks for Norton Ghost) just a few months ago and would like to make this switch as easy as possible.

If anyone can suggest other components, feel free. I do plan to OC the e2160 to 3.2GHz per Tom's article and may be willing to go to an e4x00 but see no need to to go to and e66750 or q6600 at this time based on price/performance/OC ratio.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would not buy the earth watts PSU.
    For the same money this would be a much better PSU.

    I (if using an used HD from another system) would boot in safe mode, remove all drivers and then reboot to see if anything goes wrong with the boot to normal windows.
    This is where it should ask you to start installing all the needed drivers for the new setup. If this looks to be working well, I would shut down and then restart the computer and do a repair install, then load all the required drivers for the new setup.

    good luck
  2. Thanks for the heads up on the PSU.

    As it stands now, I am using the old boot drive (a Segate 500GB SATA) thru a SATA to USB connection as a storage disc on an ancient laptop (HPzx5000) I am using right now.

    Can I start the laptop from the xp cd and do a repair install in the F: disc (the old boot disc)? If so doesn't it reset all the drivers to the default setting?

    If not, is there a way I can access the F: drive's device manager when it is not the boot drive of my laptop? If so I can reset all the drivers to default doing it that way.

    Is that what you were referring to when you said remove all the drivers?

  3. Windows generally doesnt like having that many components swapped even a motherboard is enough most times. I think the easiest and quickest ways are one of 2... Just do a clean install, format drive and start again. OR rename the windows folder on the drive to say "windows_old" boot setup from CD and install leaving file system intact then copy over whatever you need from the old install when you get into windows.
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