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This probably sounds like a really nooby question, but i want to really know how to computer programme and maybe know some techniques to hack. Not for bad but like creating programmes which can be used to do cool stuff (not hacking). has anybody got any ideas what i can do?
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  1. Read some books on computer programming. Perhaps sign on for a course at some educational institute. Use Google to find some online tutorials - there are plenty.

    It's a little bit like asking "How do I mend a car?".
  2. Wikipedia the name of the programming language you are looking to learn. usually, the little box on the right hand side of the article will have a link to a wikibook hosted on a seperate but related site (such as how Tom's Hardware is related to but seperate from Tom's Guide and Tom's IT Pro).

    Also, while any code can be entered as text into a notepad fie and saved with the proper file extension, I recommend an IDE (Integrated Development Environment I believe, but not 100% sure).

    Python is a language that executes code "On The Fly", or every time you run the program it compiles and then executes. It's a good one to start with because it forces you to use proper indenting etc in your code, just to help you develop a feeling for the styling of coding. However, I rarely hear of anyone looking for Python Coders. Recommended IDE - PyScripter (version based off hardware configuration)

    C++ (See-plus-plus) is an exension of the C language developed by Microsoft, and is very popular for business applications. Recommended IDE - Visual Studio 2010 Express

    Java (No relation to JavaScript) is my personal favorite, and is the language used in a lot of browser plug-ins as well as Android Apps. Plus I prefer the IDE I use over comprable offerings for the other 2. Recommended IDE - Eclipse

    Please note that there is more code for even these simple commands, but these are 1 line examples:

    print("Hello World")

    cout >> "Hello World";

    System.out.print("Hello World");

    You may need to download the Language Library for certain languages (such as Python) or update your existing language libraries (such as Java).

    There are an IMMENSE number of different programming languages. Cobol, C, C# (See-sharp), F, F# (Eff-sharp)... I could go on, but I think you get the gist. Figure out what you are trying to do with programming then research which languages this is accomplished with (you would not make an Xbox game in Java or Python, nor would you make an Android App in Python or C++).

    Programming takes patience, and be careful what code you tweak and how you do it. Write a program now, find a bug, change one or two lines of code, you MAY fix the bug, but in doing so you may also cause 10 more bugs!
  3. ^

    Just one note: C++ was NOT developed by Microsoft :D.
  4. Sunius said:

    Just one note: C++ was NOT developed by Microsoft :D.

    Oops... Don't know why I said it was developed, meant "often used". Or at least according to my C++ teacher it is.
  5. Yes it is. Whole Windows is built with it!

    But it is used by many many many more :). Check this out:
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