Overclocking Opteron vs. Pentium DC

I have a low budget for a new build, but I am looking to overclock....

The two CPUs I am looking at are the Opteron 1210 and the Pentium DC E2160.

Which will perform better in a gaming environment when overclocked to ~3.2 ghz?
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  1. The graphics card will really determine gaming performance if you can really get each CPU to 3.2GHz. e2160 should be pretty straightforward to at least 3GHz; similar OCing of the Opteron will be much harder and will run much hotter.
  2. I think getting a better video card would prove more fruitful. Not to say that a faster CPU wouldn't help. But, you are already running dual cores at 2.56 ghz, so the jump wont make a huge difference with a 2600xt.
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