GA-P35C-DS3R RAM upgrade


I'm currently looking at adding 2 more 1GB sticks of ram to the 2GB Mushkin DDR2 Extreme Performance 1066 I already have, but I was wondering about RAM compatibility. I don't want to spend another $130 on 2 sticks of ram, and was thinking about mixing with some cheaper stuff.


Do I have to look out for anything besides RAM / mobo compatibility?

Will I have to match the clock speeds (1066) of the RAM I'm getting to the stuff I've already got?

Any recommendations as to what I should buy?

Thanks in advance for your help / insight.
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  1. The speed of the RAM will only run as fast as the slowest stick that is installed. What is your RAM running at right now? Are you OCed? Specs?
  2. check the QVL in gigabyte forum. now if u put any other rams slower than the current one. ur system will run on the slower clocks. as zorg mentioned above.
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