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while installingf complete iis it says the file not found how to get the file
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  1. Has you cd/dvd drive letter changed since you installed XP?

    Here is a copy of a post on the web from 2003:

    The problem appears to be due to the following situation. After installing
    XP, I changed the drive assignment for the DVD-ROM. XP keeps the old
    assignment in the registry as expected. When I later tried to install IIS,
    it uses the old assignment as expected. The installer then says it is
    looking for D:\i386\_vti_inf.htm but there is no \i386\_vti_inf.htm on the
    CD. The trick is to just say G:\i386 to the Installer and not look for
    G:\i386\_vti_inf.htm. The Installer stupidly continues to look for other
    files on D:\i386 so you have to change it to G:\i386 multiple times.
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