Does matter if you overclock using the Multiplyer or the Bus Speed?

Does it really matter how I achieve a higher clock speed? Or is it better if only the multiplyer was touched or the Bus Speed?


Achieving 3.0 GHZ by Increasing the Multiplier


Achieving 3.0 GHZ by Increasing the Bus Speed

Thank you!
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  1. OC using the multiplier would be ideal because you are not overclocking any other system components. Using the FSB OC's the RAM and PCI bus as well. That is why it is a good idea to lock your PCI bus frequency. I corrupted a SATA drive thru FSB OC one time and had to reinstall the OS. As far as the performance of the cpu goes you might get a slight advantage thru OCing the FSB due to higher bandwidth coming off the cpu, but not much if any.
  2. Thank You
  3. Actually in the overclocking guide it says that if you increase the fsb you will get higher performance in benchmarks, but not in real world applications.
  4. WTF lol that doesn't make sense:S aren't benchmarks similar to world applications???

    Like Encoding benchmarks...:S
  5. I can tell you that with my GA-P35-DQ6 Mother board setup with 2X 1Gb sticks of ddr2 1066 tracers and an E4400 that, with me setting it to 9x 355 instead of 10x 330 I can see an obvious difference with the first of two winning performance wise.
  6. nice I have mine at 15.5x and 210 Bus Speed. (3.2 GHZ) I could go higher but I'm not gonna push my luck especially since I wanna keep my system quiet as well.
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