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I previously posted this same thread on Storage Review but I use THG for a lot of info and thought it best to post here as well. After installing a Samsung HDD in a previous build for a friend I decided to use another one for a build I'm working on now. It's a Spinpoint F1 series 500GB model HD502IJ. Worked fine for Windows install and driver install for everything and I expected this to be another quick and quiet little number that would last a while. Today I went to turn on the computer one last time before delivery to setup personal options and install some games that he wanted on there and I noticed a sound that sounded like rushing air (which was actually a flare up) and also yellow light through the side panel window (Antec 900 case). I immediately switched off the PSU and opened up the case to see what could have happened. Now I've been building systems for several years since I was in middle school and never had a hard disc fail on me. I smelled an acrid odor which reminded me of electrical fires (enlisted Navy) and checked all the connectors and decided to remove the hard disc cage. Underneath the disc on the board I noticed a scorch mark on what looks like a Texas Instruments chip on the board and several of the pins are melted. I've contacted Samsung and I need to get in touch with Newegg for an RMA but their office is closed today. I thought I should let people know that this happened in case there is anyone out there with the same drive or had a similar problem. These pictures aren't the best but they should get the point across. It should also be noted that the rest of the system is fine and there was no damage to anything else or anyone. The build was in an antec 900 case with 650w earthwatts psu with an e8400 and 4 gigs ddr-800 ram on an asus p5k-epu board with a kfa2 9800gtx gpu.
You can see that the sata connections are all good which leads me to believe it was the chip itself that failed.
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  1. Probably caused by the TI-83 virus. Nasty little bugger.
    Hehe, well good to post, that is if anyone uses the search feature to find your post before they say the same thing.

    have you done any research on your issue to find out if it wasn't an isolated issue due to manufacturer defect in the chip?
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