CD/DVD Drive Scratching Disks, Even After Replacing Drive

My CD/DVD drive is scratching all my disks, even when I tried two other drives, one which was brand new. So far none of my disks have been scratched to the point of unusability, but I am worried that they eventually will. It doesn't seem to happen all that quickly, I have used some of these disks quite a lot and they still work. Then again, I don't know when this problem started. I only discovered a week or so ago. In case it matters, I have removed Starforce from my system, which unfortunately means I won't be able to play Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, but I heard Starforce sometimes caused problems like this. The problems haven't stopped, though.
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  1. is your case/dvd drive level? the case itself might be tilted so it will cause the disks not to spin level. which might be the cause of the scratches.
  2. Interesting, I will have to check. If this is it, then it's interesting that it would be in wrong for all three drives. Any more ideas?
  3. It didn't work, any other suggestions?
  4. Seriously, my drive is scratching my disks no matter what I do and some of the scratches look pretty serious.
  5. hmm this is first time i heard of that ?? how can it scratch disks. I don't think Lens touches the disk , optical drives reads using a beam of laser light isn't i t??
  6. optical drives reads using a beam of laser light isn't i t??

    you don't know?
    Well then I cann tell you. It uses a needle that fits into grooves on the disk. It's atually just a phonogrphy record; in fact, if you have some of your old 45 rpms, the ones with the big hole in the center, they will work just fine.
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