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Hey guys, first time poster here. I'm in the process of putting together a rough design of my next rig and I figured this would be one my best resources. I'm not going to be building a monster or anything. I would however like to cut cost as much as possible considering my income is rather low. I'm aiming for about a 1000 dollar build, lower if possible. But anyway, on to the CPU.

I will be using the computer purely for gaming, maybe something that will be able to run crysis on medium or so. Right now I'm looking at the E6750 and overclocking it (if possible). Can anyone recommend a better CPU at around that price? Will that CPU even cut it? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Since you are on a low budget, I assume you won't be building one for quite a while. I would get a q6600 if I were you. Not only is it a quad core for future proof, but it can be overclocked if you need more speed. Crysis will be multi threaded and will make use of the extra cores.
  2. yes i have e6600@3.4 and 8800gtx max out crysis 12x10. with 30-45. q6600 is another suggestion from because of quad and future proving
  3. I think the E6750 is a very good choice. The performance of games is most directly related to the power of the vga card. Look at the new 8800GT, or possibly the higher powered version rumored for december before spending more on the cpu. Very few games are cpu bound with a good vga card, and even fewer can use more than two cores. Flight simulator X might be the exception. If you will build after the first of the year, wait for the affordable penryn processors to launch.
  4. choice good, go far it will, although if you can, I would recommend waiting two weeks to get a cheap 45nm.
  5. The "cheap" 45 Penryn processors are coming out early next year. The only 45 nm processor coming out this year is the most expensive one (I think), or one of the most expensive ones. You could always just buy a cheap e2160 or e2180, and overclock it to last you till quad prices drop.
  6. Sorry to jump this thread but i can find the button to launch my own...

    I have an intel E6300 processor & was thinking about updating it to a Q6600, now would i notice much performance difference with the new processor, im not really a games player & it wont be overclocked thanks.
  7. It depends on what you do. If you encode videos a lot or do programming work or Photoshop then it's worth getting a Q6600, you would notice a difference.
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