SATA 1.5 to 3.0 gb/s

I partitioned my SATA hard drives with the jumper set for 1.5 gb/s but what i wanted was for the SATA II (3.0 gb/s). Can i simply remove the jumper to set it for 3.0 or must I reformat my drives for 3.0 ?
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  1. Just remove the jumper/
  2. bobbknight said:
    Just remove the jumper/

    bobbknight, you seem to be familiar with running sata on an abit it7 max2 v2.0 motherboard. i purchased a system with the abit it7 max2 v2.0 motherboard running on it. i recently purchased a sata drive, but i can't get it recognized by either the os or the bios. i wonder if you could give me a tip on how it is done. thanks in advance,
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