RAZER GAME BOOSTER: Issues with Launchers [Closed Beta]

For starters, if you don't know what Razer Game Booster (software currently in Closed Beta, you can probably sign up though) does, follow this link:

It works well with single player games that launch directly into the game from startup.
HOWEVER games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic that start as a launcher do not start with the software.

From my desktop, I click the Razer Game Booster icon. The RGB Dashboard pops up. I see a listing of my games. I click games that boot directly into the game, see a few pop ups for processes such as Java Updater, Windows Updater, etc getting turned off, and the game runs fine. The issue comes when I play games such as TOR (Steam is not effected by this issue) with independent launchers prior to the actual game launching.

I log into TOR's launcher, the game checks for patches and updates as necessary, but when I hit PLAY, the bar pops up "Razer Game Booster is returning to Normal Mode". As the bar fills (from left to right), I see pop ups that my services are being turned back on, and the game never launches. I can still launch the game normally by launching TOR without using the game booster, but my entire interest in the software stemmed from the though of borderline playability of TOR.

From what I have seen, there is no way to configure around other than to uncheck the "Restore Normal Mode when game is over" option, but that defeats the purpose of the software in the first place, since I will have to at least go into the software to reenable terminated processes.

Anyone else participating in the Beta, if you have found a solution to this problem please let me know. I have already sent Razer an email on the issue, but I have no idea when (or if) they will et back to me.
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  1. I have the same issue, and would love a resolution to it.
  2. My problem was different - SWTOR Launcher would crash after opening if RGB was running, regardless of normal/turbo mode , even if minimized to system tray. This work-around may help your situation.

    1.) Open SWTOR Launcher outside of RGB - from Start Menu, Windows Explorer, w/e. Don't log in yet.

    2.) Open Game Booster. Enable turbo-mode. By default, the shortcut key is "cntrl+alt+B."

    3.) To minimize resources used, close Razer Game Booster. By default, it should remain running, minimized in the system tray.

    4.) Log in to SWTOR.

    5.) After closing SWTOR, go back to RGB normal mode with the shortcut key - "cntrl+alt+R" by default. RGB will recognize this keystroke even if running in the background.

    Take note of Game Booster's shortcut keys and/or change them to your liking.
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