Sound is gone once computer wakes from sleep mode in vista 32bit

Hi guys. Well, here is the problem. I have a Creative Soundblaster Audigy soundcard. The card works fine when i turn the computer on but once the computer goes into sleep mode and i bring it back out the sound does not work. If i restart the computer the sound works again just fine until the computer goes to sleep. Another way to get it to work is to go into sound on the control panel, right click and hit test, it will then work and be fine. Also, i try to update the drivers and i download the correct ones but when i try to load them they say that they do not detect a supported device. In the system folder of the control panel it lists the Audigy card correctly. Any ideas as to waht might be going on here? Oh, also, when you put the mouse pointer over the speaker in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen it says "Digital Audio Interface, SB Audigy" Ive made sure the card is seated properly and the cord is in the correct hole and secure. I also made sure the onboard sound on the motherboard is turned off. I am running a dual core pentium 3.0 with 2G Ram, a ASUS P5N-E Sli motherboard, a Geforce 8800 764 MB graphics card, a 500gb hardrive and a SB Audigy soundcard in Vista 32bit. Thanks guys.
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