Play microphone through computer speakers

The simple question is
"I would like to Karaoke using my computer and a USB mic while watching YouTube."

I'm NOT recording, editing, etc. just singing.

My source for music is YouTube. There are a lot of karaoke songs posted.

I have a USB mic. When I plug it in, Mic will not work in Youtube situation mentioned above. I suspect it has to do with "feedback". I have tried a "Microphone PassThru Emulator" (that works) but there is about a 1 sec delay which does not make for good sync singing.

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  1. Hi pwsunglass,

    I have seen software that comes bundled with some sound cards have karaoke options in them. You can check your control panel at Start Button->Control Panel to see if there is a Control Panel Group for your Sound Card and check the options. You may need to buy a new sound card that does support karaoke, but unfortunately I do nott remember the model of card I saw with this option.

    Here is a link to a karoake forum whose users might have more experience with your need:

    Good luck and post back if you have more questions.

  2. thx I will try that.
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